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Green Valley Piano Studio is

located in Henderson, Nevada,

approximately 1/4 mile from the

Henderson Multigenerational Center.


Piano lessons are available for all ages 

and skill levels. Students may begin 

as early as 3 years of age.  Teens and

adults are always welcome!

Enrollment is open year round,

based on space available.

      The teaching program provides a comphrehensive approach to musicianship, including ear-training, technique, sight-reading, music theory and creative skills.

Our goal is to nurture a genuine and

lifelong enjoyment of music.


     In addition to private piano lessons, students at Green Valley Piano Studio attend monthly group studio classes. Studio classes focus on note-reading, music theory and ensemble activities in a fun, social atmosphere of learning with friends!

Questions? You can contact Laura Thiele directly by phone or use the convenient inquiry form. 

Community Involvement

      Green Valley Piano students participate in a variety of performances, workshops, regional exams and piano competitions made available through local and state music organizations.  It's a great motivator for students to get out into the community and meet other young musicians!

Parent Involvement

       Parents play an important role in setting up and supporting the student for musical success.  There's nothing like an encouraging word from mom or dad to add some extra energy to a practice session!  In general, the younger the student, the more direct will be the parent's participation in the learning process. When a new student enrolls at Green Valley Piano Studio, there are always lots of questions!  To get us off to a great start, a special parent informaion class, Intro to Piano Lessons, is provided at no charge for all new studio parents.

Lesson Rates and Payment


Tuition is payable in 8-week segments.  Instruction is year-round with flexible scheduling during the summer months.

                    One hour private lesson - $55  

                   45-minute private lesson - $45                 

                   30-minute private lesson - $35

          Group & Partner Lessons from $75/month*  


*Family rates and customized plans may be arranged

on an individual basis.  Please do not hesitate to ask!

Choosing a music program is an important decision.
Please call 702-779-8800 or email to schedule an informal parent consultation.
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